Learning Curve

It isn’t easy to learn something new. Ecspecially when it isn’t well-documented. And easily, most creatives coders didn’t know how to write proper document. Even though, there are several famous and wise tools to help, it still needs you as coders to operate.

As java developer, I am familiar with javadoc to write unit documentation of your software, but it’s too technical for user who doesn’t know yet what the aim of the software. User may expect something more descriptive as a serial of essays.

You may know how to write wiki. And the best thing is you can compile serial of essays what I’ve talking about before as group with other coders. Then, if wiki is well-updated, users may find suitable help for them.

But sometimes there are users who in rush and need getting help as quick as possible to start new project. Then you may use, ‘getting started’ as quick start quide to use the software. It would be nice to describe common use-case there, and even nicer if you as coder willing to build small video presentation about it.

All above things will help, but at the end, if users get stuck on something he or she doesn’t know how, they will scream for help. So, there is forum to help, users helping another user.

You may want another addition technologies instead of this list to help reducing learning curve of users. It might help more, and more, and more. Abundant tools to learn, and people needs to learn about it. But someday, maybe we’ll find a day, when people needs to climb learning curve to learn how to learn, as infinitive process.


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