Getting Started

People thought is an abstract thing which cannot be explained easily. There are several methods to read mind. It could be read linearly, linked to another aspect of thought, or even self-explained chapter of thought.

Basic thought being written as words. Clear type of written thought would be group of sentences called essays. But sometimes thought representation takes form of something unable to describe. Feel, emotion, anger, or even silence of the thought, cannot be described easily. When someone tends to define feeling, somehow we can find the definition won’t be complete and corrupted.

Poets are looking into another approach. They compile feelings into (somewhat of another abstract form) words. You might think, it is useless then.


After long journey of this essay, I will invite you to think analogously. Software framework analog to Poetry, and Framework architect as a Poet. And decide yourself who you are.

The question is…?

Are you sensible person who has state of arts? or just a simple-minded who talking to much but avoid the essence…


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